Benefits Of Inversion Therapy And Inversion Table

Benefits Of Inversion Therapy And Inversion Table

What is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion Therapy is a form of treatment, which involves specific exercise or movement of your body to an angular position (close to upside down or hanging with legs or feet) in order to attain desired medical and physical objectives or benefits.

It is claimed that this kind of treatment, apart from aiding physical fitness and mental health, cures multiple issues related to joints, circulatory system, respiration and metabolism related problems.

What is Inversion Table?

Equipment that is used to perform various workouts in connection with Inversion Therapy is usually called as Inversion Table. There are available in various designs, shapes and structures to help your body achieve the required angle as per your own convenience.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy is highly useful workout, which is easily executable at home or a fitness center provided you are substantially knowledgeable or trained on its basics i.e. ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’. You may need to consult a coach to learn the basic techniques.

Benefits of this drill are manifold. Broadly speaking we can group its advantages into following three categories:

1- Fitness Benefits

Benefits, which are associated to physical appearance, capabilities, stamina, strength and energies etc., can be classified into this category. Listed below are few of such benefits along with brief description: –

Strength of Body Joints

Inversion therapy directs affects the joints, which bear maximum load of your body. These mainly include backbone, hips, knees and ankles.

Posture Development and Flexibility

People having inappropriate default body posture (sitting / standing) are recommended to go through inversion therapy so as to achieve better, straight, upright and graceful posture. Besides having long lasting effects on body posture, it also helps improve and gain enhanced flexibility of discs.

Fatigue Reduction

Fatigue is how quickly you get tired physically. Regular inversion therapy workouts certainly improve your stamina. Thus, you need more time and exertion to get fatigued.

2- Medical Benefits

Therapeutic benefits, which are associated with functioning of body systems and organs, can be classified into this category. Few of such benefits are enlisted and described as follows: –

Pain Reliefs

Inversion therapy is a proven remedy of multiple pains generated in human body due to physical injury or age factor. Even in some cases, recommended surgeries have been avoided by implementing inversion therapy methods. Chronic pains, which are relievable by inversion therapy include (but are not limited to) the following: –

  1. Headaches
  2. Back pains
  3. Disc pains
  4. Neck pains
  5. Osteoarthritis pains

Blood Circulation

Inverted position of your body for a certain time reduces heart’s effort to pump the blood to your shoulders, neck, head and brain due to gravity effect. Therefore, heart feels relieved and upper body parts receive healthier blood circulation. This phenomenon not only aids in pain reliefs; but also, it is linked with superior performance of upper body organs and nervous system.

Respiratory Issues

When you get into upside down position, enhance blood and oxygen is supplied to your upper lungs; and overall performance of lungs is rejuvenated. Similarly, when highly oxygenated blood is supplied to you nasal passages, they work more efficiently and sinuses problems can be recovered.

Further, deep-breathing is also considered as an essential part of any workout. So, inverted body posture adds convenience to deep-breathing process as you consume less energy in inhaling oxygen through your nose due to opposite gravity factor.

Digestive System

Another significant benefit of inversion therapy is removal of old fecal matter trapped in the intestines causing toxic and unhealthy effects inside the body. Inverted body movements facilitate excretion of such unwanted objects.

3- Psychological and Mental Benefits

This is the last and equally important category of merits. During the process of inversion therapy, your body is put to an unusual position to a certain period of time. So, regulation of hormones is also affected in a way that causes lowering of overall stress and muscle tension.

This is why, after completing the workout, one feels fresher and healthier. This exercise not only makes to mentally more alert; but also, it prevents sudden mood swings and depression.

Benefits of Inversion Table

You may have witnessed animals like monkeys and bats hanging upside down with beams or branches of a tree. Our children also, while paying, can easily put themselves in inverted position with their heads on a sofa cushion or mat. But their bodies are not harmed at this stage.

However, if a grown-up man or woman tries such stunts at home, he or she may hurt her neck or shoulder muscles, if the weight is put on arms instead of head. Even if we hang ourselves in inverted position with our feet engaged to any support, it is definitely going to be too hectic and sometimes damaging.

This is where importance of particular equipment is valued. Specifically designed apparatus makes the desired output or workout not only achievable with less effort; but also, it prevents unnecessary stress and damage to other parts of the body.

Similarly, an inversion table is a typically designed frame, which assists you in the process of inversion therapy in a well calculated manner. Enlisted below are the major benefits you can attain by using this machine:

  • You can lie down on its top (with your feet comfortably engaged) and manage the inversion angle as per your desire.
  • The top (or seat) carries the major weight of your body thereby leaving negligible load on legs or foot. Nevertheless, the posture so achieved allows the blood circulation in a way that is required during the workout.
  • Purpose of exercise is fully achieved with much less effort and struggle.
  • Being available in different shapes, sizes and structures, one can choose an inversion table that best suits the requirement. With the help of a trainer or videos available on web, you may really enjoy the convenience this equipment offers.
  • These tables are usually adjustable to preferred settings, heights or angles.
  • Besides making your life easy during workout, the inversion tables are generally foldable into concise assembly, and therefore, can be easily managed at home (occupy less space when not in use).