BRZ Turbo Honest Review Of 2021

AVO Turbocharger Kit for the Subaru BRZ

So everyone is talking about being the next hot shot with their sports cars and tuners, the culture of racing and car customization has taken the youth and grown-ups alike by the storm. Cars have not only become a symbol of pride for their owners, but also a representation of their character on four wheels. To be the most fastest, the lowest, the most stylist, the list goes on.  In recent times the arrival of BRZ turbo has created a lot of stir among the car fans

BRZ turbo has been on the mouths of every car lower out there as an introductory customization kit which is a must have for individuals getting into customizing a selected make of cars with similar characteristics.

Since the arrival off, affordable sports cars like Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and Toyota GT86. People have gotten a new life with respect to customization. Since all three of these cars, share a parent manufacturer: Toyota. These cars have a great ability in inter changeable parts and mechanical functioning.

Brz turbo is basically an AVO turbocharger kit for the 13+ Subaru BRZ or 13+ Scion FR-S Bolt on Turbo Kit w/ FMIC & Ceramic Coating.

To all those customization obsessed enthusiast, you are at the right place for the right information.

  • The inter-cooler kit utilizes reinforced black wire silicone piping. It also uses two black powder coated steel piping.
  • Specifically designed for the FRS AND BRZ with allied components
  • AVO Stage 1 base map free of charge with the Stage 1 kit.
  • Can be used with existing exhaust system. Set up, drive and go.
Technical Specification
  • AVO18/49 Turbocharger with 5-7 psi actuator.
  • The compressor wheel size is at 49.2/56
  • Exhaust wheel size 50.5/68.
  • The turbocharger is rated for 380 hp of flow.
  • Mechanical Oil Pump is located in the rear of the engine. Running off the back of RH camshaft.
  • Oil reservoir tank is present for turbocharger itself.
  • Front Mount Bar & Plate Aluminum Intercooler with cast end tanks.
  • The dimension of Intercooler are Length -19″ Height – 8″ Width – 3″.
  • The intake piping has ports to mount up a variety of blow-off valves, even OEM ones for a full stealth look.
  • Can be Integrated easily with existing exhaust system.
  • Specially designed keeping in mind BRZ and FRS, An edge to drivers of these cars.
  • Thoroughly tested in various conditions over thousands of miles with 92 octane gas.
  • Can be integrated to the stock air intake system.
  • Turbo charger kit made locally in house, as a solution to market in these cars specifically. No previous repute for promising performance packages.
  • Not enough proper documentation for the product. Regarding the functional aspects of the Turbocharger kit.

Note: It is strongly recommended that a blow-off valve be installed, so to ensure the stability at idle.

Editor’s Recommendation

Based upon the review of many people, who are in use of BRZ Turbo. The kit, is a great example of an entry level modification for a select group of cars. Even though the application is restricted. It is commendable that the products tries to achieve off gaining market in key cars.

The product tries to be specific on two cars, so it can become the primary and focused modification for tuners alike.  To be the specialized producers of performance solutions in specific models will show the dominance and credibility of the product.

Performance wise, most users are to say, they are compelled with the output of the kit. Giving a good balance of kick and power through out. Along with quick spooling. While, it will not make you a drag champ, it will surely increase the performance of the car.