Sexually Asaulted

No One Can Take Your Worth Away

I am writing to you a casual letter I don’t care about what’s right and wrong because I am sick of believing that I am a woman and certain things are not for me, you know what I mean! I won’t start like everyone quoting who did what and how? Not because I don’t care but of that what upsets me is you don’t want to come out because you’re a woman and life won’t be easy for you! I read your statements on different, very popular sites they quote from your letter, You Don’t Know Me, But Know Me Inside and That’s Why We Are Here Tonight. It upsets me of how you talk so deep, being only a young butterfly.

I won’t say I understand your pain or what you are going through but, we are all with you, in this. You are only 23 and this is not your fault. I read you were unconscious going to a party. Well, it’s not your fault you can go to a party, you are only 23!

Dear victim, do you know what the judge said, I am sure you do, yet let’s recall it, He said more than 6 months of a stance won’t be suitable for Mr. Turner. His act is shameful but the judge thinks He too is pretty young to be punished the hard way.

Sentenced to six months in jail because a longer sentence would have “a severe impact on him,” according to a judge

What do you have to say about this?

I understand your fears but don’t punish yourself for being a WOMAN it can’t be that bad of a gender. You are the change the society needs. Let me tell you, darling, it’s not just you, we are all victims, if not a s****l assault yet a lot more, almost every day. It didn’t only happen to you it has happened to all of us. This wasn’t a rape for one individual this is a rape to the whole society, culture and humanity! Each and every one of us. Set yourself free and claim your right sweetie! Life is not easy and staying quiet over a brutal act is worse than anything, it won’t heal. I have a request, stand up and stand up tall, shut them up we are with you don’t disgrace your gender you are too young to cut off your wings and talk like that.

I care about you and my gender’s grace, after all, we are the ones who gave them birth!