This Is How Colors Can Snap Out Your Purchases – Infographic

How do colors affect purchases featured

Colors- the symbol of delighted Smile, Emotions, Viv and Beautiful Life.

In our life, color matters a lot. I remember the time when everyone stops all of their important tasks, just to watch and enjoy the magnificent and delightful rainbow appearance from earth to the sky. It happens just because of the prodigious and astonishing rainbow colors that spreads an amazing pleasure to everyone’s face and brings a sweet happiness in their lives. 


Well! Colors are paramount for our pleasure, recognition, business, and relations or our life because without colors, our life is like a deep dark shadow or I must say, it’s meaningless.

In fact, according to business point of view, many recognizable brands rely on some specific colors that have become the best instant recognition of their brand, which clarifies your confusions i.e.

How can colors affect your purchases?

While going for shopping or buying anything from the market, the very first thing that catches my eye is the color of that product.

For example; Coca-Cola- the most recognizable brand

It’s been a very long time that coca cola has the same recognition color as if I have to look on a cold drink poster with red color design without its company name; so, I can easily guess or recognize that it’s the only Coca Cola’s advertising poster.


How do colors affect purchases

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By knowing the massive information through this infographic, you’ll be easily able to understand that how colors can affect your purchases.

Hmmmm, well that seems Interesting….!

While starting a new business or launching a new product, you must be confused to select the one best color scheme from millions of different color combinations.

Don’t worry anymore….!

Now, I am going to suggest the best color schemes, which will help you to decide in just a few minutes that what kind of color is best and suitable for your business.

Following are my recommendations for top 5 industries:

1. Food

Colors: green, orange, blue, yellow, purple and red

Reason: I have suggested such colors because these are the symbol of life, freshness, passion, energy, attachment, vibrancy, determination, growth and pleasure.

For example: Nestle, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Naked, Cadbury, and Heinz; these brands are popular because of their vibrant colors, design themes and consistency. For advertising purpose of their brand, they change their design consistency and promotional schemes. But the marketers never change the basic color of their company because it is their brand identity.

2. IT Companies

Colors: variations of blue, green, yellow, silver, gray and black

Reason: These colors symbolize the best bonding of business relations, intelligence, confidence, growth, success, loyalty, ambition and optimism, which depicts the right path to a successful journey.

For Example: Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft. These are the top famous IT companies that are using such colors since long.

3. Education

Colors:  variable shades of blue, green, orange, white and gray.

Reasons: These colors are the symbol of faith, confidence, intelligence, growth, success, intellect, wisdom, dignity and strong determination.

For example: LearnZillion, Knewton, Kaplan. These are the top educational industries that are using such color schemes.

4. Automobile

Colors:  silver, grey, blue, red and black

Reasons: Such colors are the symbol of confidence, determination, passion, fascination, success, creativity and attraction.

For Example: AUDI, Mercedes, Toyota, Hino, Ford, Suzuki. These all are the top automobile brands that are using such amazing colors since long.

5. Textile

Colors: Multi-vibrant colors can be used.

Reason: A textile brand doesn’t require a limited choice of colors as it has a large variety of different styles and designs according to the different culture, traditions and environment.

I hope these suggestions will help you to select the best color scheme and lead you to the right track of a successful business in the market. 

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