Most Creepy And Scariest Places On Earth

Most Creepy and Scariest Places on Earth

We all hear, so many fantasized scary and horror stories in our childhood. But, when we started growing up, we came to know that those scary stories which we’ve listened in our childhood does not exist in real. Maybe the stories we heard in our childhood were not true. But, in reality, there are some most creepy and scariest places on earth, having such actual scary and hair-raising facts.

Here Is The List Of 30 Most Haunted & Scariest Places On Earth You’d Never Want To Be In.


Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin
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  1. Built year: 1771
  2. Address: 82 Fort Mifflin Road, Philadelphia, PA 19153
  3. State: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. Second Name: Mud Island Fort.

Fort Mifflin is one the most creepiest places on earth. Fort Mifflin is Country’s only impaired Revolutionary Battlefield building and a most terrifying place in America, which was built in 1771. This Fort was rebuilt in 1777. A plenty of ghosts and weird spirits like women, children, faceless man, dogs, and some creepy creatures lives at Fort Mifflin. Sometimes, a booming strange and scary voices came across the walls of the fort like women screaming with pain; children are crying. A man without his head has been seen while walking along the Fort Avenue.


Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary
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  1. Built Year: 1829
  2. Address: 2027 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130
  3. State: Pennsylvania
  4. Second Name: ESP

Eastern State Penitentiary is the most haunted and creepiest penitentiary structure in Philadelphia also known as most haunted place in the world. It was the world’s first largest and expensive penitentiary with 300 prisons. The most exciting and scary thing is the annual Haunted Halloween event, named as Terror behind the Walls, run by the ESPHS. In this event, theatrical performances were performed regarding the true stories of murder, torture and violence in the prison. In 2011, a Death Row, the last cell block was built. Many people were killed by the confined people of the penitentiary.


Cuban Club

Cuban Club
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  1. Built year: 1917
  2. Address: 2010 N Avenida Republica De Cuba, Ybor City, FL 33605
  3. State: Ybor City
  4. Another Name: Circulo Cubano de Tampa

Cuban Club is such a scariest historic building of Ybor city, Tampa in Florida, which was the famous hangout place for the immigrants also known as most terrifying places in america. The ballrooms, the halls and the entire club are heard to be the place of terrifying ghosts and spirits. Sometimes creepy sounds of playing piano, the dance beats, scary screaming are heard in the ballrooms and outdoor.


Cambridge Military Hospital

Cambridge Military Hospital
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  1. Built Year: 1879
  2. Address: Cambridge Military Hospital, Hospital Road, Wellesley Aldershot, Hampshire GU112AN
  3. State: Aldershot
  4. Second Name: Duke of Cambridge, Medical Care Hampshire

Cambridge Military Hospital was the first Health Centre, where Plastic Surgery was introduced by British Empire. After the WW2, many civilians were admitted for their treatment in Military Hampshire. This hospital has an obvious route but it has such creepy and dark haunted corridors that create a frightening effect on everyone. Its top floor and basement were the scariest places in whole Medical Hampshire.


 Ancient Ram Inn

Ancient Ram Inn
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  1. Built Year: 1145
  2. Address: Potters Pond, Gloucestershire, Wotton-under-edge, GL 12 7HF
  3. State: Gloucestershire

The Ancient Ram Inn is one of the most ancient and haunted hotels in England. This haunted hotel has the real stories like sacrifices of Child, Spiritual ghosts, terrifying devil worships, murders, and terrifying happenings. When this hotel was built, it was firstly owned by a St. Mary’s local Church. A 5,000-year-old burial ground is located along with this hotel that creates a threatening effect. It is said for this haunted building, that no one can even remain alive if he’s having a night stay at this hotel.


Tower of London

Tower of London
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  1. Built year: White tower-1078, Inner ward-1190s, Wharf Expansion: 1377-1399, Rebuild: 1285
  2. Address: London EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom
  3. State: London
  4. Second Name: Her majesty’s Royal Palace, Fortress

Tower of London is the most visited place for its ghost’s popularity. This tower has a rich history and a number of real-based haunted tales.  Few people said that Thomas A. Becket was the first ghost to be clearly seen in the Tower. The ghosts in the Tower lives in its walls, in which the famous one is King Henry VIII’s wife i.e. Anne Boleyn.


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle
  1. Built Year: 12th-21st Centuries
  2. Address: Castlehill, Edinburgh, Eh3 2NG
  3. State: Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle is the heart of Scotland, as it’s been over 1,000 years passed, while dominating the skyline of the city, Edinburgh. This castle is Scotland’s one of the most haunted spots, where a few headless drummers, prisoner’s ghosts, phantom Piper’s spirits, and unbelievable dog-like-creatures are present. This Edinburgh Castle is the deep well of hunting ghosts. This historical fortress is standing in between the sea and hills from 1,000 years, such a long time.


Mary King's Close

Mary King’s Close
  1. Built Year: 17th Century
  2. Address: Mary King’s Close, 2 High St, Edinburgh, Eh3 1PG
  3. State: Edinburgh
  4. Another Name: The Real Mary King’s Close

Mary King’s Close is well-known by its haunting repute. The close has some underground warren that has some streets, billets and dwellings which were abandoned after the plague outbreak. The spirits in shape of life less bodies, polluted stinky swamp, bio gas, and the sinister lights creates the most terrifying and menacing consequences.


Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge
  1. Built Year: 1895
  2. Address: Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, G82 2
  3. State: West Dunbartonshire
  4. Second Name: Dog Suicide Bridge

Overtoun Bridge is famous because of the mysterious suicides of dogs and humans. Moreover, 600 dogs have leapt to the death well. This Overtoun Bridge is the high-attracted international media attention grabber spot because of its frightening and creepy, mysterious dog suicides. The Overtoun Bridge is 50 feet height from where the dogs attempted suicides and fall onto the waterfall. 


Catacombs of Paris

Catacombs of Paris
  1. Built Year: 1810
  2. Address: 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, Paris, 75014
  3. State: Paris

The Catacombs of Paris are 200 miles-long underground quarries of Paris from late 18th Century, which has an ancient tunnel network, named Mines of Paris, in which six million people’s remains are placed. These crypts are one of the most haunted places in the world. Millions of skeleton and dead bodies, it looks like a graveyard of some alive, buried people.


Chateau de Brissac

Chateau de Brissac
  1. Built Year: 11th Century
  2. Address: Rue Louis Moron, Maine-et-Loire, 49320 Brissac-Quincé
  3. State: Maine-et-Loire

The Chateau de Brissac is the one of the tallest castle in France. It is said that in 15th Century, a double murder happened there on the walls of the castle. A ghost, named as Green Lady, lives in the Chateau de Brissac. Green Lady, is the scariest ghost that wandered along all over the castle and scared all the guests and does not allow them to live or for a night stay at the Chateau de Brissac.


Plague Island

Plague Island
  1. Era: 9th Century
  2. Address: Located between Venice and Lido, Venetian Lagoon, Northern Italy.
  3. State: Veneto
  4. Another Name: Poveglia Island

Plague or Poveglia Island is the most creepy and scariest island on the earth. 160,000 souls or I must say, 160,000 ghosts are living in the small, tiny 1922, a mental hospital was established there, many people said, that the doctors of that hospital killed and tortured most of their patients and throw their bodies from the tower.


Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital
  1. Era: 20th Century
  2. Address: Located in Parma, the state of Italy
  3. State: Parma
  4. Another name: Painted Shadows Mental Hospital

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital, the most famous, creepy and weird place in Italy, where thousands of ghost shadows are being painted. These ghostly shadows are so scary in look, as they were painted in many different and creepy positions that frightens everyone. These ghostly shadows were painted on the walls of the psychiatric hospital. The artist of these painted shadows was Herbert Baglione.


Fort George, The Citadel

Fort George, The Citadel
  1. Built Year: 1749
  2. Address: National Historic Site of Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada
  3. State: Nova Scotia
  4. Another Name: Citadel Hill

Fort George, the Citadel, is the most haunted and historic place in Canada. This historical place is very famous because of its ghost sighting stories and incredible scary tales. It is said that many people have died after seeing those different and creepy creatures. This Fort is a star shaped architecture, which is 300 years old. The ghosts and spirits that are living in the Fort have scared many people and visitors with their weird ghosts’ appearances.


Banff Springs Hotel

Banff Springs Hotel
  1. Built Year: 1888
  2. Address: 405 Spray Avenue, Banff National Park, Banff, Western Alberta
  3. State: Alberta
  4. Other Name: Canadian Railway Hotel

Canadian Pacific Railway system have made a beautiful luxurious hotel in 19th Century, which means this hotel was built 125 years before. This ancient hotel has the most terrifying and scariest facts that are goose bumped to everyone. People says, this hotel is the most haunted place all over the country. In 60’s or 70’s it is said that a family was being murdered in room # 873 of this grand hotel. That family ghosts are living in this hotel from many years and are wandering in the stairways, the hallways and the entire lounge.


St. George’s Church

St. George’s Church
  1. Found in: 920
  2. Address: George’s Church, 119 08 Prague 1
  3. State: Prague
  4. Another name: St. George’s Basilica

This Church on the most scary places has not such scary and goose bumped stories, but it is said that in 1968, the roof of this church was collapsed during the funeral ceremony that took many people to the death road. The interesting thing about this church is its ghost sculptures. Jakub Hadrava was the sculptor, who made several ghost sculptures which bring a huge popularity to the Church, as it becomes a remarkable place for the tourists, as well a terrifying environment that attracts people.


Sedlec Ossuary

Sedlec Ossuary
  1. Era: 13th Century
  2. Address: Zámecká, 284 03 Kutná Hora
  3. State: Kutna Hora
  4. Another name: Chapel of Bones

The most scariest and weird chapel, you have ever seen in your entire life. A vast number of skeletons and bones are used for the interior decoration of this terrifying Church. The interior of Sedlec Ossuary Church is made up of 40,000 bones. This church has 200,000 visitors every year. The exterior of this church is so beautiful, but its interior is so terrifying.


Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
  1. Built Year: 1864
  2. Address: 71 Asylum Dr, Weston, WV 26452
  3. State: Weston
  4. Another name: Weston State Hospital

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was the most famous mental hospital in Weston, West Virginia, located asides the United States, having an enormous number of psychiatric patients that were having numerous mental disorders. Many people died in this hospital. Those killed people belonged to the era of Civil War when a military post was served on its ground. This place was also known as Ghost Hunt.


Moundsville Penitentiary

Moundsville Penitentiary
  1. Built Year: 1867- 1876
  2. Address: 818 Jefferson Ave, Moundsville, WV 26041
  3. State: Moundsville
  4. Another Name: West Virginia State Penitentiary

Moundsville Penitentiary was a creepy prison with gothic style, which now became an attractive place for the tourists. This Penitentiary has covered a vast area of 19 acres in its construction. Many persons were weirdly murdered and were psychotic tortured in electric chairs of Moundsville Penitentiary, and some people were killed by other prisoners. It is to be heard that the spirits of those tortured ones are still present in the bowls, prisons, and walls of Penitentiary.


Abandoned House of the Communist Party

Abandoned House of the Communist Party
  1. Built Year: 1891
  2. Address: Vrah Hadji Dimitar, Mount Buzludzha, 6100, Bulgaria
  3. State: Buzludzha
  4. Another Name: Buzludzha Monument

Abandoned House of the Communist Party was also known as Buzludzha Monument is the most historic and creepy place in Bulgaria, with a height of 1441 meters. Bulgarian Communists built this massive monument in 1891 for community events. This Monument is not that horrible or terrifying, but a little bit creepy in looks.


Humberstone and La Noria

Humberstone and La Noria
  1. Built Era: 19th Century
  2. Address: km 47 A-16, Pozo Almonte, Región de Tarapacá, Chile
  3. State: Chile

Humberstone and La Noria are the two ancient small mining towns. While visiting these creepy places even at daytime, the visitor feels a horrible and terrifying environment. But in the night, this desert looks so attractive and incredible which attracts the tourists towards these places. People of these two towns were slaves and living a weird life that results in their horrible deaths. Nowadays, both of these Places are haunted by the spirits of those people who died.


Leap Castle

Leap Castle
  1. Built Era: 13th-15th Century
  2. Address: Leap Castle, North of Roscrea, Coolderry, R421
  3. State: Coolderry

Leap Castle is the scariest place in all of the most haunted locations in the world.  An enormous amount of spirits, weird ghosts including Elemental hunched beasts, are present in the castle that kills every of its visitor. Stinky smells of rotting flesh and chemicals like sulphur etc. are so weird. This castle has some human remains present in it.


Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
  1. Built Year: 1975
  2. Address: Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, 113, Cambodia
  3. State: Phnom Penh

Tuol Sleng Genocide is the weirdest and horrible place of Combodiah as it was known as the hell of torture and teasing point which results in death. An estimation of 17,000 victims spirits are still there in the museum; that roamed the halls, walls, stairways, lounge and the whole foundation. 


The Sultan's Palace

The Sultan’s Palace
  1. Built Era: Late 19th Century
  2. Address: Nyumba Ya Moto St, Zanzibar Town, Tanzania
  3. State: Zanzibar
  4. Another Name: Beit-el-Sahel

The Sultan’s Palace is a mysterious historical Palace of Stone town, with the merlon decoration on the white walls in 3 story building structure. The strange part of the history of this beautiful palace is so weird i.e. Sultan was buried alive in the courtyard of this palace. It is said that the horrible strange sounds and angry noises are the reason of the Sultan’s ghost which is still living in the Palace.


Monte Cristo Homestead

Monte Cristo Homestead
  1. Built Year: 1885
  2. Address: 1 Homestead Ln, Junee NSW 2663, Australia
  3. State: Junee, New South Wales

Monte Cristo Homestead is the scariest haunted house in the world, as it’s the only Austrailian haunted and tragic, historical homestead, standing on the high hill of the town. A Crawley family is the witness of those tragic and mysterious deaths that were happening in the house in different and horrible ways, like, drop and falls from stairs and balcony, the fire burnt, etc. Many people have died in this haunted house.


Castle of Good Hope

Castle of Good Hope
  1. Built Era: 17th Century
  2. Address: Darling St & Buitenkant St, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
  3. State: Cape Town

Castle of Good Hope is the ancient building of South Africa, which have the most horrible and terrifying paranormal appearances in the building. In 1915, a ghost of a tall man was seen, wondering all over the buildings but after 1947, the ghost was never seen again in the building. Lady in Grey, the Governor Peter Gilbert, the tall man and a soldier are most famous ghosts of this building that are being discussed in many stories and scary tales.


Borgvattnet (the haunted vicarage)

Borgvattnet (the haunted vicarage)
  1. Built Year: 1876
  2. Address: Borgvattnet, Ragunda N, Village, 83076, Northern Sweden
  3. State: Ragunda
  4. Another Name: Borgvattnet Vicarage

Borgvattnet is a small town that is the most haunted and scariest Vicarage in the country land. An old woman was seen many times in the house when a visitor tries to follow her, the old lady’s spirit get vanished, and the person gets murdered. This place is full of horrible ghosts that do not let anyone to live in there.


Babenhausen Barracks

Babenhausen Barracks
  1. Built Era: 19th Century
  2. Address: BabenHausen Barracks, Hesse, 64832, Germany
  3. State: Hesse

BabenHausen Barracks, a Darmstadt-Dieburg district town, situated on the river, is known as the Ghost hunt. This place is famous because of the vast number of uniformed soldier ghost’s paranormal appearances.  Different activities are performed in the Barracks, like turning the lights on and off, weird noises and speaking voices.


Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu
  1. Built Year: 1919
  2. Address: Komplek Tugu Muda, Jalan Pemuda, Jawa Tengah 13220, Indonesia
  3. State: Semarang, Central Java

Lawang Sewu was the Indian Railway Company’s Dutch East headquarter whose basement was used as a prison where prisoners were treated so horribly, in which many of them were being executed. Different scary ghosts were reported in the beautiful designed exterior building. It is known as the Palace of ghosts and spirits.


Island of the Dolls

Island of the Dolls
  1. Era: 1950’s
  2. Location: Island of the Dead Dolls, Parque Ecológico de Xochimilco, 16036
  3. State: Mexico City

The Island of Dolls is the weirdest and horrible place of Mexico. A vast number of dead dolls are hung up on the trees of the island that creates such a frightening effect on humans. It is to be said that a Mexican man hanged all those dolls for the poor ghost of a girl child who was being murdered 50 years ago. That Mexican man stated that he feels and can listen to the weird screams of that little girl.

It is not a nightmare or the worst dream, its reality. Many of us have heard such interesting and haunted stories in our childhood, which we think, are not true. In actual, many different, creepy and scariest places are present on the earth. This article is not to frighten you or to terrify you; our concern is just to inform all of our users, with the most interesting and haunted places facts and to tell all real creepy and horror stories for fun and information as well.

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