Are Ghosts Real? Are Spirits Real? Find Out Ghosts Facts

Do Ghosts exist Are Spirits real Find out ghosts facts

Do Ghosts Exist? Are Spirits Real? Is Ghost Real ? Find out ghosts facts? Some questions that appear in almost every person’s mind. Some people considered that there was no existence of such things, it’s all about the human psyche.  Some people believe in the existence of these supernatural powers because of their personal experiences. People are curious to know about reality. Today you are going to learn about what these ghosts are? And some facts of ghosts with their proof.


Ghosts - are spirits real
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The word ghost derives from a more ancient term ‘gast’ which means ‘guest’.

Word gast sometimes referred to an animal which does not produce in season. Ghosts are mostly considered paranormal entities that interact with the natural world. Ghosts are the disembodied form of human beings and animals. That can manifest in both the physical and spirit planes. They retain the mind of the person or animal that once lived on Earth.

Types of Ghosts

Some people create their particular types of ghosts, by observing their behavior, such as:

4. Poltergeists:

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Poltergeists are noisy and troublesome ghosts. They interact with people by making noise such as clapping or knocking on doors. These are responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and movement of the object. They can be sometimes malicious or sometimes playful.

3. Intelligent spirits:

Intelligent spirits
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Also known as ‘classic‘ or ‘traditional spirits.’ They can communicate with those who are living in the physical world. These spirits can move objects. Mostly, they want to live with their loved ones, for example, ancestors around their descendants. This type of ghosts just wants to get attention.

2. Demonic:

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Demonic is the most dramatic form of ghosts. They have the ability to shift from human to animal. These spirits can attach themselves to objects. They are most frightening. They may appear as a dark shadow that’s why we call them ‘shadow people.’ The primary goal of the demon is to break down a person’s free will so that it can possess the individual.

1. Residual haunting:

Residual haunting
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Also known as ‘place memory ‘or ‘psychic impressions‘. It is a playback of a past event. It is recording of the event, the appearance involved is not an authentic spirit.

Do Ghosts Exist?

Are ghosts real? There is a conflict between people about the existence of ghosts.

Some people believe that ghosts do not exist because no one can explain the exact definition of ghosts. There are many conflicts in ideas about ghosts such as Are ghosts material or not?

There is no any scientific evidence for proof of ghosts. Ghost hunters use many techniques and scientific instruments, but no one of them has shown the real detected ghost. So, according to them, such things are not real, they are in the human imagination.

If we can’t proof the existence of ghosts it does not mean that they do not exist. We have not yet acquired the scientific knowledge to measure their existence.

Are Spirits Real?

We will prove it logically. According to the scientists all the energy of the universe is constant. It can’t be created or destroyed, but it may change from one form to another. So, how it is possible that when a person dies the energy in his body also destroyed?

What are spirits?

When a person or animal dies, the energy moves from his body to the environment. It transferred in the form of heat and light. That is called spirit.

Spirits are not bound to the physical world. They are not in a state of suffering like ghosts. They are human in nature. Some people believe that they are those dead people who are wandering for some reason while some others believe that they are those who are left unburied after death. One phenomenon is that they are spiritual entities projected into the world from our minds.

Facts about Ghosts:

Facts about Ghosts
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  1. One of the most common ghost facts is, Ghosts that haunt you want to grab your attention.
  2. They often retain memories and feelings of their physical life. Especially the memories and feelings associated with the time of their death.
  3. Some of them do not know that they are dead. They exist in a state of confusion. To them, it’s like being stuck in a nightmare.
  4. They may exist in a state of confusion that what happened to them? Why you can’t see them?  Why you can’t hear them? etc.
  5. They mostly retain their personalities.
  6. They can manifest. However, a full-body apparition is not likely. They may appear as mists or vapors. Streaks of light, dark shadows and Orbs are the most common.
  7. They have no sense of passing the time.
  8. Some ghosts become mischievous when they get bored and often cause trouble.
  9. They are always curious.
  10. They can communicate with you in various ways. They can appear to the living in dreams.
  11. They do not sleep. If you hear a strange whisper when sleeping, it is probably a ghost.
  12. They have the ability to read your thoughts. They can enter into your body and control the mind. In that manner, they might be responsible for your ill health and mental state.
  13. They can use your energy to move objects.
  14. They can smell things. They mostly attract to certain perfumes.
  15. Some people believe that they are more active at dark places due to less electronic disturbance. That’s why they are more active at night.
  16. They mostly interact with children and young adults because they absorb more energy from them.
  17. Sometimes ghosts are trapped. They need to be released. In this situation, let them know they can move on.
  18. They can be helpful. They can often be protective of the families they haunt.
  19. They can transport themselves from one place to another.
  20. They have a sense of humor. Some of them love to hear humans laugh.
  21. Some ghosts are cling to emotional pain, but most of them are happy.
  22. Most of them don’t want to hurt you. They can be friendly.
  23. They make friends with other ghosts from different eras and places. They hang out in cliques with other ghosts.
  24. They like to climb stairs up and down.
  25. If you feel their existence somewhere and ask them to leave, they will. Say something like this “I can feel that you are here, but you are scaring me please leave.”
  26. The place where they live usually gets cold.
  27. Most ghostly disturbances are the residual haunting. A residual haunting is recording of the event, the appearance involved is not an authentic spirit.
  28. Animals can see and sense spirits.
  29. Ghosts of animals also exist and have been sighted. The spirits of animals can also haunt.
  30. They are powerful only because you empower them with your beliefs.

Proof of Ghosts:

Proof of Ghosts
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One of the most famous incidents which happened to the Perron family is the proof of real ghosts.

In the winter of 1970, Roger Perron and Carolyn Perron purchased their dream home in Harrisville, Rhode Island. It was a farmhouse in the small town of Harrisville. On that 200 acre property known as Arnold Estate, they wanted to live with their five daughters whom names were Andrea Perron, Nancy Perron, Christine Perron, Cynthia Perron and April Perron.

At the time, when they shift in the farmhouse the previous seller told them that leave the lights on at night. They began to experience something was wrong from the first day they entered into their dream house. They felt that they were not alone there.

They would often hear noises coming from the kitchen. They would find the broom moved to a different spot in the room. After cleaning the room, they would often find dirt in the middle of the floor. Chairs would pull suddenly. Pictures hanging on the wall would tumble. Telephone handsets and beds would hover in the air and slam down when they entered the room. Many household objects would glide about without any human touch. Doors would shut on their own. Someone routinely cried out “Mama!” at night.

According to Perron’s family, there were many ghosts present in that farmhouse. It was the haunting house. It was the homeland of both good and bad ghosts.

One female ghost was there to say welcome when they entered the house. The young Perron child April loved to play with “Manny” the spirit of Johnny Arnold.

The most horrible ghost was Bathsheba, who specifically targeted Carolyn Perron. Bathsheba Arnold lived in the farmhouse and committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree, behind the barn of the farmhouse. People accused her that she is a witch and killed her little son Johnny Arnold as a sacrifice to Satan.

Andrea Perron (elder daughter of Roger Perron and Carolyn Perron) said that before their arrival eight generations of Arnold family who lived in that house had died including Mrs. John Arnold, Johnny, Harmonie and Prudence Arnold.

Perron’s family invited the Warrens to investigate. Ed and Lorraine Warren were the famous paranormal investigator on that era. They investigated more than 4,000 haunting. According to Warrens, their investigation of Arnold Estate was the most disturbing and compelling investigation.

Perron’s family lived in that house with ghosts over the nine years.

Andrea Perron described her horrible adventure in her book ‘House of Darkness: House of Light.’ ‘The Conjuring’ well-known movie is also the reflection of danger that Perron’s family faced.

Let me tell you my personal experience. During my matriculation, a black cat mostly scares me. Someone told me if you feel that there is a ghost around you then say “I believe that you are here, but you are scaring me, please leave.” If such thing exists around you, it will leave. One day when I was alone in my room for the preparation of exams, I saw that black cat sitting near my bed and staring at me. I ask that cat what I heard. After that, she left the room, and I never saw her again. I know it’s a foolish judgment. But I felt the existence of such thing…

So, do you believe in ghosts?

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