Do Inversion Tables Work For Back Pain?

Functions of a human body are vitally relied on its back. This is not only related to physical motions or movements; but also, structure and composition of human back plays major role in nervous control system.

Even if the backbone is well, nerves or fluid associated with it can cause terrible pains when there is slight decay in these areas due to any reason. This is why proper functioning of backbone and connected fillets, fluids, discs and nerves are crucially important for a human body to stay fit and fully functional.

Normally, in routine life, a person does not realize that how much he is depending on his back. He moves, stands, walks, runs, bends, sits or lies down without appreciating the fact that had his back not been in order he would have suffered horribly. Each and every movement in daily working requires certain function of back. However, unfortunately, many people ignore this reality. It is not given due care and thus they end up into back pains for one reason or the other.

Before we move on to answer if inversion therapies and tables are effective for back pain or not, it is essential to gain brief knowledge of what are the reasons and main factors, which cause these pains. The reasons / factors, which lead a person to back pains can be categorized into physical (fitness related) reasons and medical conditions.

Physical / Fitness Related Reasons of Back Pain

Physical reasons of back pains are all related to lifestyle. It is all about how you pass your day. If your daily work involves physical labor or you remain on your office table busy on computer throughout the day. List of few such causes is presented below: –

  • Inappropriate posture of your body, which can be corrected if you wish so.
  • Sitting on chair or couch for an extended period.
  • Lying on bed watching television for long durations.
  • No physical work, exercise or body stretching at least once a day.
  • Use of air conditioners at work and at home thereby preventing your body from sunlight and warmth.

Medical Conditions Related to Back Pains

Above stated lifestyle patterns actually give rise to certain specific medical factors leading towards back pains. Human spine is composed of various bones known as vertebrae. Each vertebra is further filled with discs, nerves and fluids. Therefore, any abnormality in vertebrae or associated discs, nerves or fluid can cause acute and chronic back pain. Once such abnormality is diagnosed, it is even painful to treat clinically. Hence, it is better to adopt healthy lifestyle lest you need a surgery or lifetime medication to fight pains.

Use of Inversion Table to Treat Back Pains

Inversion tables, in recent past, have proven to be one of the best and the most effective equipment to treat back pains. Its regular use makes minor changes to your lifestyle; and in turn, you gain long lasting benefits. It is less strenuous and helps keep you away from high doses of medicines every day. This is why, this apparatus is becoming popular and physicians often advise their patients having back pains to make use of an inversion table so as to avoid side effects of tablets, capsules and injections. How an inversion table treats back pains, is described in following lines: –

  • Inverted tables provide you with an ideal body stretch, which normally cannot be achieved even through vigorous exercises.
  • It decompresses your body especially back, which is essential to relieve back pains.
  • Decompression improves spinal health and directly targets the pains, which may be due to any abnormality in your back structure.
  • Inverted posture for a certain time increases the separation between the vertebrae, which helps absorb the moisture into the soft tissue of the discs.
  • Separation between the vertebrae also assists in increasing the nutrient content in the discs to achieve better flexibility.
  • Disc of your back never rest. Every motion of your body throughout the day keeps the discs fully or partially involved in work. An inversion table actually allows to you to give some rest to your discs when you adopt the inverted position.
  • Bunch of nerves passing through the spine is called spinal cord. Roots of these nerves have direct relation with the discs. So, any damage or dehydration of the discs can result into a pinched nerve condition causing extreme pains. When you get to an upside down position on an inverted table, separation between the vertebrae increases causing increased hydration to the discs. This phenomenon in turn reduces the pressure on nerve roots and prevents them from pinching.
  • People, who have still or static office jobs, are more prone to back pains. As a preventive measure, such people often find rescue in having some sports activity on regular basis. But even the most exhausting sports like squash, tennis etc. is not always as effective as an inversion table. Because if you are having misalignment in your spine, it can be worsened (not improved) through exertion. On the contrary, when you use an inversion table, at 600 angle the pressure on your spine drops to zero and this gentle stretching provides an opportunity to your vertebrae to get aligned again.
  • Back pains are not always spinal or connected to vertebrae. They can be caused due to tense muscles also. Using an inversion table enhances your blood circulation. Consequently, muscles get stretched and tension is reduced.


Clinical medication or surgery is not always the best choice for back pains rather they should be opted as a last resort. Awareness to back pains before they actually grow is necessary. An inversion table is a slight and less expensive addition into your lifestyle. But its outcomes are surely priceless. The effects against back pains, which can be achieved by using an inversion table, are invaluable and far better than the most strenuous exercises. Therefore, owning an inversion table and making its regular use is surely is wise decision you would make.