Electrolux Washer And Dryer Honest Review Of 2021

As technology has made our lives easier, a prominent change our lifestyle has witnessed has been the aspect of laundry. Only a decade ago, washing clothes from hands was the norm and air drying became a standard. Furthermore, the arrival of modern appliances gave home owners greater flexibility and comfort. In colder regions an integrated solution was preferred, which has an attached drying function. What better choice than an Electrolux Washer and Dryer.

The Electrolux Washer and Dryer is a fully automatic laundry solution provided by Electrolux. It features a front load washer with state of the art technology for deep cleaning, also in the bundle is a front load electric dryer with 15’’ drawer pedestals for faster drying times.

An integrated solution has many benefits over standard washers. Firstly, space constraints can cause great discomfort for people to dry their clothes. Secondly, in colder regions it is not possible to air dry as it will lead to damp clothes that will never dry. Even for hotter climates, drying clothes outside in the sun can lead to color fading and fabric weakening. Eventually reducing the life of your clothes.

This solution is the ideal choice for your house or apartment, to give you the peace of mind and comfort. Leaving behind the days, when you had to wait for your clothes to dry for hours.

  • The steamed front load washer has a 4.30 Cu Ft of tub space where as the steam electric dryer has 8.0 Cu Ft with 15″ drawer pedestals
  • The product features one of the fastest wash times of 15 minutes to wash along with one of the fastest drying times of 14 minutes.
  • The product is ENERGY STAR rated, for being very efficient. The washers are eco-friendly, by up to 161% percent more energy efficient and requiring 66% less water.
  • The product features Gentlest Dry option, which offers advance technology for gentle cloth tumbling. Making sure temperatures are controlled for fabric protection.
  • The dryer offers a reversible door option for customized usage and flexibility.
Product Specifications
  • The product brand is Electrolux.
  • The product net weight for both is 522 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the product are 5 x 27 x 53 inches
  • Power source is electric.
  • Dryer capacity is the largest in the market at 8.0 Cu ft.
  • The product is ENERGY STAR certified, saving electrical costs and utilities such as water.
  • Has the highest washing and drying capacity for greater loads.
  • Time saving, with very fast washing and drying times.
  • Both products are a great bargain for money.
  • The product is heavy, make sure the product is delivered till your place of application.
  • Needs to be installed by a proper technician.

Editor’s Recommendation

In my reading and understanding from multiple reviews, I have found the Electrolux washer and dryer a great product for all the laundry needs of an average household. It possess, a great package value for money in contrast with the market competitors and their offerings.

Buying this products as a set is not only a relief of headache but also assures all your laundry needs are met. The product feature advance technology for superior deep cleaning and tumble drying. Furthermore, it will give one of the fastest washing and drying times. For people with time constraints, having a machine that can understand that is beyond a companion.

Most People who have bought the product have showed favorable reviews notably for its price value, good durability and performance. Certainly it leaves no question of the abilities of this product but precaution is to be observed with respect to installation and carriage. The product is heavy and after installation will required a definite read of the user’s manual. Just to make sure all steps are followed to accuracy and carry out minor trouble-shootings.

In short I would recommend this product for buyers who require to change their way of doing laundry for good. To give your wife the ultimate gift, a stylish looking washer and dryer set.