Hilarious & Funny Memes That Will Make You ROFL

Hilarious & Funny Memes

Grab your seats firmly, because you are going to get a roll onto the floor after watching these unusual but amazingly funny memes. These 50 interesting memes can help you to get viral on your social profiles. Nowadays, most of the people are communicating online through social media; likewise, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, Linked In, Reddit, WhatsApp, Line, etc.

People share and communicate with their friends through these profiles and stay active and updated. Sometimes we can’t express our emotions and feelings live, but these memes help us to share our fun factors and facts that we cannot share through words but these memes can.

Here Is The List Of 50 Hilarious & Funny Memes That Will Make You ROFL !


Selfie Maniac Girl

Selfie Maniac Girl

 One of the Hilarious Memes is when a selfie maniac girl makes a selfie, all type of mental acts expected.


When Boys Make A Selfie

When Boys Make A Selfie

When boys make a selfie, they make different funny possess for keeping a memory of that moment, but when girls go selfie they know only one pose i.e. pouty face.


Friend’s Last Breath Selfie

Friend's Last Breath Selfie

Selfie maniacs are such psychopath that they don’t even care if someone is taking his/her last breath.


Funerals Memes

Funeral Wish

Every person has some elders who always poke and tease us for our marriage at other’s marriage, so I did the same thing with them and started teasing them at other funerals that next is their turn.


My Girlfriend


Whenever I see my friend’s girlfriend, she looks prettier than before, but my girlfriend stays the same somber.


Any Boyfriend

i don't have any boyfriend

When a girl says that she does not have any boyfriend, it means she’s trying to make you fool and telling a lie.


See Other Moms

Mom's reaction in morning

When you see other moms, waking their children for school in the morning with love and when you see your mom who wakes you up with her shouted voice to get ready for school.


Dad Caught You

My reaction

This meme is for when your dad caught you while coming back from late night parties at home and then this kind of annoying expressions reported on your faces.


Funniest Meme Ever

My reaction when i see a couple

 This meme is funniest meme ever to me: Whenever I see, other age fellows have girlfriends too, my innocent heart cries.


Annoying Teacher

Somebody please stop her

When an annoying teacher thinks she’s a good singer (in actual she’s not) and starts singing at every function or event, my ears start begging and says, Oh God, please somebody stop her.


She Can Sing

Somebody please kill me

When she pretends, she can sing but If you are ready to tolerate, or you are a deaf.


Free Minutes

Free minutes usage

When mobile phone’s network services provide free minutes to their customers, people make a great usage of it and start talking to their loved ones even if they are standing along with you.


Singing Action

Help me please

A few singing action, moves and singer’s look are like that he/she is begging to all, like “please help me I am a poor.”


Confident Fat Person

How smart i am

A confident fat person never accepts that he is fat.


Friend Pretend

i know what you are thinking

When some of your friends pretend that he’s thinking something which his other friend does not know but in actual the other one know what’s going on in his friend’s mind.


Adopt A New Fashion

i think my grand daughter needs a psychiatrist

When you adopt a new fashion or style and your older call that fashion a crap and call you a psychopath.


Party Fun Factors

imagine, if there comes a rat

Some of the party fun factors are such crap. In fact, others get more fun with fantastic imaginations while seeing them doing the stupid acts.


Large Amount Of Cloth


When a girl or a model wears a large amount of cloth for her performance, it seems like she has stolen some of the curtains or other people’s dresses too.


Get Restricted

papa is not at home

When your kids do the same thing from which, they get restricted.


Leonardo Di Caprio

tears of happiness

Such moments most probably come in our life, like when Leonardo Di Caprio haven’t won the Oscar, he was like a tough guy, but after winning Oscar, he even can’t control himself from the tears of happiness.


Warm Clothes

when my mom gets me ready

In winters, my mom packs me in some warm clothes that I can’t even move.


An Apple

apple can keep anyone away

An Apple can not only keep doctors away if we use it for a strong throw at someone we hate’s face, but it can also keep anyone away.


Emotions And Moods


At work, we all have such emotions and moods that continuously changes with the passage of time and days as we all wait for the Friday because of weekend holidays.


Before Relationship

before and after relationship

Before relationship, all of us are like beautiful, happiest persons but after relationship we get change, our happiness flies away, and we look like craps.


Duck Face Picture

duck face trend

When all says, come on now let’s make a duck face picture.


On Social Profiles

facebook profiles

 When people show on social profiles that they are so beautiful, but in actual they are like maids and servants.


Watch The Things On TV


When we watch the things on TV and imagine to make the same stuff, but in actual when we make those things it becomes like if the man on the TV sees his recipe by us, will surely get a heart attack.


Beauty Conscious

i am a beauty concious

When your friend pretends that he/she don’t want to get on screen because they are beauty conscious and the light spotted on you can ruin their skin.



i am an engineer

When professionals make such kind of stupid mistakes.


Girls Show Off

i don't paint my nails black

When girls show off their fashion while pretending like they don’t even like such things.


Funny Girlfriend Memes

Am i looking Pretty

 This special meme is taken from the book of funny girlfriend memes, when my girlfriend gets ready and put all of her makeup on her face and asks me, how I am looking, I feel so helpless because I lost all the words that explain her weird beauty.


Difference Between Male And Female

Male , Female brain

The difference between male and female’s thinking can be explained through this meme easily.


After The Break

Mamaaaa, my reactions

After the break, I act like an innocent fool by hearing the music lyrics with full attention.


Most Special Meme

mom about her new look

 This most special meme is categorized under funny memes about girls, when girls get ready from the parlor and came out, no one recognizes them.


After 5 PM

my posture in office

 After 5 pm, I feel like a donkey in office.


Insult Someone

of course

When you insult someone, and the other replies you calmly which becomes your insult.


The Height Of Obedience


The height of obedience, when someone says you can do anything, and you get start doing all weird and stupid things.


Kind Of Friends

one true moment

Everyone has such kind of friends who always ruin their serious pictures by teasing, is taken from one of best friend meme glossary.


Get Desperate

please don't leave her

Those who get desperate from their wives, start acting like foolish and psychopaths.


Annoying Class Fellows

teasy frnd

When one of your annoying class fellows see you at out, and you don’t want to meet him, such kind of acts can make quickly to get far away.


Stupid Girls Ride

That annoying moment!

When stupid girls ride a bicycle while talking to someone makes different accidents.


Follows Me

the happiest moment

When someone follows me on social profiles, I feel like the king of the world.


Student Of Medical

This Happens, when a science student becomes an architect

When a student of medical tries to doing master in arts or other fields, such mistakes happen.


Children Do Stupid Things

twinkle twinkle

Children do stupid things as they are innocent, they do the same things what their moms tell them in stories or rhymes.


Gap Generation Differences

up and down

The gap generation differences, in 1990, kids were innocent but now from last few year’s generation is so fast and technical.


Having A Date With New Girls

When you come back from a date,

While having a date with new girls, friends always tease you with their annoying questions.


Get Angry

when you get angry with friends

When you get angry with your friends and one of them tries to make you happy.


Think About To Text

when you think about to text

 When we think about to text or contact someone to whom we are missing, we react like this.


Show Off His Strength

while walking aside girls,when dad comes

 When someone show off his strength and style in front of girls, in actual, he’s like a stupid or dumb persona in front of his parents.


He’s A Champ.

Yes i am fat

When someone pretends that, he’s a champ.

The purpose of creating memes is to help people to get viral on their social profiles. These memes have based on the actual moments that often happens in everyone’s life. Such feelings, emotions, actions and reactions that a person cannot express through words but can easily communicate with the help of these memes. Share this memes article with your friends and ready to get viral and get more likes on your social profiles.