Hello kitty Bedroom Set 2021

Hello Kitty Bedroom Set Queen Size Teen Girls Hello Kitty Bed Bedding Set

It’s any young girls dream to have a wonderful pink bed set, which can remind her that she is in a fantasy world of her favorite character. Not only does it make them happy but also secures in their little fragile yet colorful imaginations. Why not surprise them with a stunning Hello kitty Bedroom Set, which will keep them so engaged and enlightened by their favorite character.

To many a times we fail to realize that we suppress our children’s wish so much that its almost unseen by us in our day to day routines. As a girl is growing up amidst her favorite characters, there is a natural tendency for the girls to feel inclined and emotionally involved with anything that they see is colorful and express full.

What better can it be, if a girl is given the most heart flattering surprise she can be given in the form of a bedroom set with a hello kitty theme. Look no further and think about this present for your special girls next birthday present. Daddy’s way of wooing her little princess.

The Hello kitty Bedroom Set is a complete bed set in a box, consisting off a box which includes a twin bed with slats, a single dresser, a mirror and a nightstand. Virtually any bedroom can be decorated with this set, it features euro drawer glides and an upholstered PU headboard.

  • The bedroom is complete package, an entire bedroom set in a box.
  • The dimensions for the Twin Bed are 42″ Height x 40.5″ Width x 81.25″ Depth.
  • The dimension for the Dresser 30.5″ Height x 42″ Width x 16″ Depth.
  • A wall hanging hello kitty mirror 26″ Height x 30.5″ Width x 1.25″ Depth.
  • A three drawer and side cabinet nightstand 20″ Height x 18″ Weight x 16″ Depth.
  • The combined weight of the entire set is at 66 pounds.
  • The entire bedroom set comes in a single large packing. So it’s comparatively convenient to disassemble and reinstall.
  • The bed has a wooden slat, guard rails can be attached to the main bed.
  • A sturdy bed set, with good durability. It will last a good period of time.
  • Colorful and attractive for young girls.
  • Care should be taken as to not get the wood of the bed wet or damp.
  • Excessive jumping on the bed, might loosen the bed hinges and make them weak.

Editor’s Recommendation

After carefully understanding and learning from various sources, I have come to the verdict that the Hello Kitty Bedroom Set is a great product within itself. It can become a great addition in the house for the daughters and bring about a reason for them to smile.

It can be used as a perfect birthday present or a Christmas gift to bring about joy and happiness. After all, nothing could mean more than seeing a wonderful daughter smiling, and saying ‘Thank you Daddy’

As far as the bed set is concerned, the users are mostly content with what is to come to them. For majority, the bed sets are going on strong past the two year mark. Some even reporting that during relocating multiple times, the bed sets have been taken apart and re installed back each time to as good as new; without any hinge loosing or breakage. It goes on to show the durability of the product and its build quality.

While, not all furniture items are perfect, some might see wear and tear; but that is completely according to the usage of the child. Where ever possible, moderation is the key to the long life of the product. It will ensure, the bed set becomes a time capsule for that growing daughter; with her smiles and memories of her childhood forever.