Mark Calway vs. Dead Man – Infographic


People believe what they see, they judge all the celebrities through their outer personality and starts thinking that they are the same in their personal and professional life. Wrong, it’s not true. For me, judging someone through their personality does not define who they are.

Every person is different in both of his personal and professional life. For example, Undertaker is known as a Deadman in his wrestling career. So, People believe that he’s that tough and dead personality in reality also.

I don’t think so.

‘The Undertaker,’ is a wrestling ring title of most famous old man wrestler and a great actor Mark Calway. He started his wrestling career in 1984. Undertaker is known for his unrivaled 21 victories, after winning eight times the title of world Champion in wrestling as he’s considered as the best professional wrestler. Calway did many various matches including Body Bag match, rest in peace Match, Buried Alive match, Casket Match, Last ride match, etc.

In spite of his Professional life, if we look at his personal life, he’s totally opposite to its Dead Man title. He’s an amiable and kind-hearted persona, as he also live a healthy and a happy life with his family and friends. He also does hangouts with his friends like Triple H, Kane and others. He loves to spend his time with his kids and family.

Mark Calway vs. Dead Man

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 The Undertaker – The Dead Man – The Hero of Wrestling

Let’s have a look at the happy side of the “Dead Man.”

Don’t Judge a book by its Name

  • Houston, Texas is the hometown of Mark Calway, David, Michael, Paul, and Timothy is Calway’s four elder. Calway is an Irish and Native American. Calway started his wrestling career with (WCCW) World Class Championship Wrestling. Calway, named as, The Undertaker because of his scary-themed, horribly dark and supernatural entity who scares everyone. He was the winner of many matches.
  • Mark Calway uses dark and scary themes for the terrible entry that give threats to other wrestlers. In 1983, he studied at Waltrip High School. Calway was a good basketball player as he played a match which held during 1985-1986 at Texas Wesleyan University. Kane was Calway’s best friend as they were together known as brothers. Calway is a friendly persona and also a good breaking character.
  • Calway was married to three women in his entire life, Judy Lynn, Sara Frank, Michael McCool. Calway has four children from all of three wives, to whom he love and treat equally. Despite his Wrestling and Dead Man life, he is a family man. He spends his weekends and more time with his kids and friends like other natural fathers do.
  • Jodi Lynn, Calway’s first wife, they get married in 1989. In 1989, Jodi Lynn and Calway had a son named Gunner Vincent. Calway loves Gunner Vincent as he’s the first kid and only child from all of his three wives. Calway divorced Judi in 1999. Gunner is so close to his dad; people perceive Gunner as the next upcoming star as Undertaker like his dad.
  • Sara was the second wife of Calway; they married on 21 July 2001 at St. Petersburg, Florida. Sara and Calway’s relationship appeared on television in WWE, which was a part of the feud between Calway and Diamond Dallas Page. Chasey and Gracie are the two daughters of Calway by Sara.
  • Chasey was born November 21, 2002, and Gracie was born May 15, 2005.Calway was so happy when he blessed by both of his little daughters. He took them as pretty little angels. Sara Calway was also an American professional wrestling valet and a one-time wrestler. She was a valet for The Undertaker in 2001 and 2002 in the WWE. Undertaker also nailed a tattoo of Sara on his throat by which their marriage was exposed, after two years of her Second daughter’s birth, Calway and Sara were divorced because of the external affair of Calway and Michelle McCool.
  • It was true, Calway and Michelle McCool were having an Affair. After getting divorced, Calway was romantically connected to the diva wrestler Michelle McCool, to whom Calway was married third time on 26 June 2010, in Houston, Texas. Undertaker was dating Michelle McCool, who was the WWE Diva in 2007.
  • On August 1, 2012, it was announced that they were expecting the couple’s first child. Once again, Calway had a daughter was named as Kaia Faith Calway. Kaia Faith Calway was born on August 29, 2012. She’s the last child of Mark Calway from his third wife who was blessed with Calway’s last and forever life partner. Michelle McCool is the last and lucky women with whom Calway decided to live his life journey till death.
  • Mark Calway and Sara were again together as both of them establish The Zeus Compton. Calway is a real persona as he save animal fund at Texas A&M College of Veterinary and Biochemical Sciences for saving dogs and other animal’s life. This thing inspired all of his fans.

‘The Undertaker’ or ‘Mark Calway’ both are two opposite personality but are of the same person. He is a legend of wrestling WWE. Calway has a scary and a threatening character on-screen but off-screen he’s just an ordinary simple kind-hearted person which is the inspiration to all. He has his own business; he organizes events. Despite his fierce and rude personality, he’s such a loving and a kind person.