Miller Bobcat 250 Honest Review Of 2021

Engine Driven Welder, Bobcat 250

Now imagine those days, where you work as a welder and you’re working long hours in the sun or winter. Obviously your welding plant is powered by an energy source. Most are powered by electricity and big battery packs. Due to unforeseeable natural circumstances, it can happen that those energy sources might get disturbed or interrupted and bring your welding work to a halt.

In that case Miller Bobcat 250 comes to your rescue. Providing complete welding solution without any external source of energy, such as electricity or battery backs.  A self-generating welding solution at your fingertips.

Miller Bobcat 250 is a rugged welder/ generator combined. It is great for flux-cored and Stick welding and is designed keeping in mind maintenance and repair work carried out at construction sites, ranches and different places, where the use is in remote areas and consistent mobility is required.

So now your grandpa doesn’t have to worry, if he has to weld in his barn; which isn’t connected to the grid and has no running electricity. Grandpa can just pop this in the back of his Tahoe truck, take it where he requires and gas it up; let the work begin instantly.

  • It has an improved sound, which is much quieter than previous models.
  • Smaller and lighter design by 5” and 55lbs weight reduction.
  • Reversed generator airflow, improving operational performance.
  • Improved maintenance, having front panel to cate for all daily maintenance needs.
  • Option for Electronic fuel injection in engine.
  • Smooth power output, without irregular fluctuations.
  • Provides Accu-Rated, for plasma cutting for maximum period of 30 seconds.
  • Designed with durability in mind for prolonged use.
Technical Specification
  • Current can be provided as both ac/dc.
  • The engine brand for the bobcat 250 is Kohler.
  • The limit for the fuel tank is 12 gallons.
  • Net height and length 28 inch and 48.5 inch.
  • The horsepower rating is at 23.5 hp.
  • Net weight of the generator 501 lbs.
  • Output rated at CC/AC Stick/TIG 250 A at 25 V, 60% duty cycle.
  • Continuous power output at 9500 W.
  • Maximum power output at 11000 W.
  • Range for the Ampere for the generator 40-250.
  • It is a very efficient model compare to previous versions of the same series.
  • Much lighter in weight and size, thus easy to manage and carry around.
  • Improved accessibility in maintenance which reduces cost and saves time.
  • Comes from reputed brand, which ensures rigorous testing and performance guaranty.
  • Requires care as it has a high power requirement.
  • It can only be handled by expert and professionals

Editor’s Recommendation

Even though there are many products in the market regarding portable generator based welding machines. This particular product has been on the top mostly, due to its outperforming set features. Leaves the competition behind. Some products might be higher in cost, some less; but the package that Miller bobcat 250 provides you, is not only most appropriately priced but also provides the best bang for the buck with available features.

Coming from a reputable company, it is assured the product that we are receiving is not only thoroughly tested but also improved keeping in mind the requirements and needs of welders.

Based on my experience and views from the different welders, who are in use of this product have shown satisfactory remarks with respect to the performance of the product and its capabilities.

According to them the product has been able to undertake all work and field requirements in the most harshest and roughest of places. Ranging in climate from winters to the hot summers, by their verdict timely maintenance is of key importance, which shall be enough to carry on for a while without any serious work.