Unbiased Review Of Mtx Jackhammer 2021

MTX Audio TS9924-22 Jackhammer Super Subwoofer

Have you bought a new a new car recently, and are a music lover. Being stuck with those stock car speakers is not a great idea. Specially knowing you get to hear the sound coming out, like out of a radio. Stock speakers not only ruin the experience for the listener and also echoes out an inferior quality sound. Desperately holding back the urge to listen music to its full potential.

Look no place else and get your car the audio entertainment package it so rightfully deserves. Mtx Jackhammer is the choice for you music enthusiasts; if you want, base out of this world for your car.

Mtx Jackhammer is an exceptionally large subwoofer system that provides the audio system of your car to reach out to the heavens, while rattling the earth to pulp with immense base.

The model in specific MTX Audio TS9924-22 comes in the category of International Jackhammer subwoofer systems provided by MTX Audio. The said product is a monstrous 24 inch 4000 W RMS Dual 2 Ohm Super Woofer. Standing 3 feet tall and weighing in well over 400 pounds!

Enough with west coast customs, and their extravagant car builds. Get yourself ready to be an owner of the most awesome experience money can buy. A Concert sitting in the trunk of your car or better yet, the back seat; it’s that big.  

  • The design is patented with a corner surround design, for unmatched quality.
  • The center is an aluminum honey comb center with carbon fiber and glass fiber dust cap.
  • A progressive roll spider with which is designed by FEA. It also has 10 AWG integrated tinsel leads.
  • Possess a shorting ring made out of aluminum.
  • 5″ voice coil with 17 AWG high temperature aluminum wire.
  • To maintain best voice-coil temperature an aluminum heatsink is present.
Technical Specification
  • The RMS power output is at 4000 W.
  • Peak RMS power output at 8000 W.
  • The response for frequency is at 50 -150Hz.
  • Sound sensitivity stands at 90.0 Db.
  • Internal Magnet weight 900 oz.
  • Depth for mounting 24.00”
  • Diameter for cut out 22.25”
  • Subwoofer volume displacement 653.29 cu in.
  • Enclosure Net Volume – (sealed) 5.47. Cu ft.
  • Enclosure Net Volume – (Vented) 10.02 cu ft.
  • The subwoofer is very loud and has superior sound quality
  • The subwoofer is designed by the FEA.
  • A thoroughly applied and tested platform for users to buy
  • It is very popular and used by most music enthusiasts as their preferred Jackhammer playback device.
  • Each Mtx Jack Hammer is built to order. According to the requirements of the clients.
  • The size is considerably very large and heavy weighing in at 400lbs
  • Requires some existing modification to do in the car regarding suspension, weight distribution and electrical systems.

Editor’s Recommendation

After thoroughly reading and understanding from various users of Mtx Jackhammer, I have observed it to be a superior product. The quality standards that the company incorporates in building these subwoofer monsters is second to none.

Mtx Jackhammer is an engineering marvel regarding sub components and its integration into a compact 3 feet tall gadget.

It is basically designed to go over the top and go for total annihilation in music power. Sometimes the best is not enough for some people and this is the product for them.  Most customers found the Product to be very loud and having a presence of its own. Majority of the customers are pleased with performance output, and are content with its sound quality and durable built quality. Once you have installed from a professional service or audio shop, it will stick with you for a good time and increase those window glass bills. Considering you’ll end up shattering them every now and then.