Open Relationship Rules & Unrealistic Expectations

Open Relationship Rules and Women’s Unrealistic Expectations

Nowadays, cell phones and laptops are ruling the world much. Relationships are not as usual as they used to be. Couples are in open or close relationships. Open relationships possibly are taboo to many, if it’s in favor to them.

Every relationship has some limits and rules that help in making a relationship strong. An open relationship is a complicated maze. Here is a guide about Open Relationship Rules to help you to relish the benefits of an open relationship that you haven’t read before just to keep your love-life blissful.


Make Your Mind For Open Relationship

Make Your Mind For Open Relationship
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Most important thing for an open relationship is to make your mind and must partially view all the consequences for what you are going for is right for you or not. Moreover, It’s compulsory to set all the limitations at the beginning of relationship otherwise it will be very tough after some time to agree on mutual points. So, it’s better and recommended that you should build a clear vision regarding your new relation.


Analyze Consequence

Analyze Consequence
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Always analyze consequences against your actions. After a hang out or after a party at night you should tell to your partner that when you next time sees each other; not just tell them but also notice the reaction.

Keenly observe the ill-will and jealousy in the air. If it is then you must review the status of your relation so that things don’t start getting unpleasant with the passage of time.


Avoid Mutual Friends

Avoid Mutual Friends
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If you still want an open relationship, here’s the best rule to start off with. You should avoid meeting mutual friends; it’s an effective open relationship rule. Different people have different stuff with them.

By chance if both of you have some common friends and your partner starts hanging out with any of them whom you don’t like much then this can be very hard for you two to be happy in your lovely open relationship. Mutual friends should stay in the friend zone. Such relationships should be as comfortable as possible for both of you.


Hide Details Not Person

Hide Details Not Person
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An open relationship is all about a perfect balance between delicate things like lust, love and large volume of trust. So you must consider it as an obligation to keep the balance that way. It is advisable that you must hide all details from your experience last night with somebody else.

But never hide the person it will bring trust deficit between both of you which is not at all enviable in any relationship. So you must do some efforts to keep the main relationship going. Secondary relationships are always compressible, short and simple to let go so never risk your primary open relationship on the origin of that.



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Things will go topsy-turvy if your partner doesn’t give you proper attention and time; ultimately you will start feeling jealous. Luckily it’s easy for women to get attention but, on the other hand, males have to put lots of effort. So, do not let jealousy come in the way of this s****l arrangement.


Don’t Share Secrets With others

Don’t share secrets with others
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All of us have some secrets, big or small. Try to keep all your stuff with yourself. The happiness of others is not digested easily these days so if you want to remain satisfied in your open relation then share as less with people as possible.


Nothing Changes In The Relationship

Nothing changes in the relationship

Everybody desires for a smooth relation, many succeed and many failed because the air was not in favor and they didn’t give their best. Because you are having sex with someone else that totally doesn’t mean that, your relationship must change overnight.

Make an effort to keep it same and don’t let sex get in the way. Show your partner that how much they mean to you, and how much their importance matters in your life. This way enjoying the outside spice of life you will also be able to maintain your own relation exciting and enjoyable.


Effective Communications

Effective Communications

Don’t share all the horny details, but keep info about each other’s hobbies and interests. Without any hesitations share with your partner about people who directly or indirectly stayed in your life, the same way you partner should let you know about all the people they were in relation with.

Tell each other about all the comings and goings in your life and do update them about your whims and thoughts. Be original, frank and always in contact, if you want to get pleasure from the sexual arrangement with no interruptions.


Stay Away From Outside Romance

Stay away from outside romance

You should consider using protective measures if you are indulging in some sort of romantic or sexual activities with other people. Several sexual diseases can easily be transmitted and for sure nobody wants to put their partner health at risk just to enjoy few moments. Would you ever want that?


Don’t Bring Lover At Home And Give Preference To Your Partner

Don’t bring lover at home and give preference to your partner

Never forget to give first preference to your partner. Always plan in advance and share it with your partner so your partner can manage to join you too. Keep in mind that never let him in the phase of over thinking to get your attention while you are busy in with your secondary lovers.

The place where you and your partner live is ONLY meant for you two. Never commit the blunder of bringing a secondary partner at your sweet home. It can lead to devastating and disastrous for your primary relation.


Set Time

Set Time

Decide how long you two wants to stay in an open relationship? Always plan for the weekend to hang out or go for a movie or romantic dinner. Change your preferences, say yes to mutual interests, welcome each other’s fault and always manage sufficient time to be together thus you do not feel like a lost.

These were the open relationship rules that can help you in having an ideal life. Though both Man and Woman tries to be very cool and act like they don’t bother about secondary relations and somewhere both build some unrealistic expectations. Either it’s an open relation or a close relation unrealistic expectation ruins one’s life badly. Mostly movies and novels are a big source of stuffing fantasy world, high hopes, and expectations.

The real world is pretty different from a fantasy world. The best relationship requires proper time, love, respect, and devotion. Here are some unrealistic expectations that you should avoid in order to enjoy a healthy happy life along with your open relationships.


Understand Feelings

Understand Feelings

In some close or open relationships, partners often start expecting that other should understand and know all their expectations and needs without any communications. So, when a partner fails; disappointment, unhappiness, and unrealistic expectations take place. One should not expect much; that your partner just starts reading your mind and always acts according to your desire that is very odd.

Keep in mind that nobody is perfect and same. You cannot turn your partner like your expectations and wishes. Don’t look forward to your partner that all the time they understand your moods and feelings, though men should know what women want in a relationship but you should also understand him and try to communicate openly.

Talk about what bothers you and your relationship with your partner and discuss every problem and go for solutions too. A good communication is a major factor in a healthy and good relationship.




Every time you cannot be emotionally attached to your partner. It’s obvious that there will be a time when you two will be in perfect emotional state and time. However don’t expect this to happen all the time. He can’t always be in the cheerful and happy mood, especially when you expect him to be.

Similarly, he is not sitting in your mind that he can easily judge problems that you are facing and hard time you are going through. As your relationship grows you should be more conscious and you should realize that when his mood is good when he is happy when he is free and in hectic routine. Affection, good time, and patience are the key factors that can help you in getting closer to your partner one day, spiritually and emotionally.


Avoid Conflicts And Arguments

Avoid Conflicts and Arguments

It’s obvious that arguments and conflicts take place in any relationship. Some experts say that conflicts help in making your relation healthier and stronger than before. However, we normally consider that conflicts don’t occur in a perfect relationship and we all should avoid conflicts at any cost for a relationship to work. But such approach is very-very wrong and can actually devastate your relation badly.

Conflicts help us in understanding about likes and dislikes of our partner. Moreover, if we resolve our all conflicts sensibly, it will surely make the relationship stronger and lives happier. Try to cool down all the things by setting some discussion sessions. Don’t make conflicts a serious issue.


Together And Forever

Together and Forever

It’s very imperative for both to spend some precious time with each other to make their chemistry. Couples should plan occasionally for weekends, romantic dinner, and movie. Always enjoy each other’s company. However expecting your partner to always stay with you is somehow unpractical and is one of the foolish unrealistic expectations that can straight away ruin your mind and relation.

As an individual, both of you must give each other some space to enjoy your hobbies, sometimes with family and proper time at your workplace too.

You must spend some quality time with your old friends, go to the park or read some books of your choice. Sometimes loneliness and small things relax your mind and give you positive energy and even help in making your relationship strong.


Uphold Relationships

Uphold relationships

Why all think that life is as easy as it seems to be, no-no life is complicated, if you build unrealistic expectations in your mind. Your partner is a simple human being he is not a movie star and he cannot be perfect and relationships are not like something written in a romantic novel.

The reality is whereas quite different and opposite. Nothing is easy; every relationship requires effort, time, patience, affection and dedication to growing strong. If your relationship is going through some hard time it does not mean that love for each other is finished, always try to understand; ups and downs are part of life.

Your relationship needs love, patience, effort and commitment to handle problems and conflicts wisely. You should relinquish unrealistic expectations and false hopes, for a relationship to work well. By getting rid of these expectations, you will surely make your relation everlasting and strong. Furthermore, it will make your life healthier and happier.



Relationship Dos

  1. Give compliments
  2. Listen to each other
  3. Kiss often
  4. Admit that you are wrong even if you are right
  5. Spend precious time with each other
  6. Travel together (Especially on weekends)
  7. Forgive and forget
  8. Surprise each other
  9. Encourage each other moreover give positive energy to each other
  10. Avoid criticism and offer solutions
  11. Respect each other
  12. Respect each other’s friends too
  13. Give space and time



Relationship Donts

  1. Bring up the past
  2. Forget passion
  3. Become possessive
  4. Get mean
  5. Forget to enjoy yourself

Open relationship rules and unrealistic expectations may sound weird, but that’s how they are. These are for your happiness and one must follow. What works for one individual may not work for another. However through the experiences of others who were in open relationships, there are lots of things we can learn in order to stay away from pitfalls and get pleasure from those sexual highs. You should remember that these rules are not created to restrict you.

If you have any experience by which others can learn, then feel free to share it in the comment section!