The Adverse Effects Of SecondHand Smoke – Infographic

The Adverse Effects of SecondHand Smoke

A simple Kush of cigarette can lead you to become a murderer.

Billions of people are passing through various horrible diseases and are having many premature deaths on daily basis, just because of smoking. A smoker does not only put his life in danger due to smoking whereas other people also get affected by it.

Most of the people are unaware, by the term ‘Second-Hand Smoke’.

While sitting with friends, family members or in any gathering, when a smoker exhales out the smoke, it adversely affects their environment as well as the other’s health.

Another annoying fact of Tobacco Smoke is that it not only harms humans but our pets also.

Now, that’s horrible….

Below, there’s an infographic through which you can easily access the immense information about Second-Hand smoke and its adverse effects:

Second Hand Smoking

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By knowing the facts through this infographic, one thing must be clear to you i.e.

You are such a big fool if you think that smoking is cool…!

I know, you must be thinking to get rid of this horrendous habit.

In this world, many people try to avoid smoke but because of some difficulties, they become unable to quit smoking.

Now, I am going to give you a few effective and easy tips through which you will be easily able to turn your bad and exhausting life into good and healthy one.

So, here are the following tips:

Protect your Home:

How? The very first thing to keep isolated from this horrible smoke is to protect your family members and home. Keep your home smoke-free. When your child is near, don’t even think about to smoke and also don’t let anyone to do so.

Why? While sitting in a room, when you smoke, the cigarette’s smoke remains constant for hours into the room even if the window is open. The toxic chemicals present in the smoke spreads into the air, curtains, carpet, clothes and furniture as well, which is adversely dangerous for you as well as your family members’ health.

Keep your auto-mobile smoke-free:

How? Don’t smoke in the car or a bus; it can harm you and other passenger or car-members. If you are thinking to open up the windows of the car can prevent you, so it’s wrong. Do not open up the windows of the car or a bus and quit smoking.

Why? Opening up the windows of your automobile is not that enough to prevent yourself from smoke or to clear the air. By keeping an open window of your side, the whole smoke can blow up to the passengers or members that are sitting behind your seat. This smoke-blow can be dangerous for all the members.

Set an example to your child:

How? Don’t smoke in front of your child and also try to remove this bad habit from your life. Remove all the tobacco accessories from your home. Set a few precautions for your friends i.e. not to smoke at your home. Avoid sitting in an environment, if smokers are there. Set an example for your child while being a perfect parent.

Why? If you’ll puff a cigarette in front of your kids, it means you are going to lead them on the same dangerous track where you are living now. If they see you while doing smoking, they will surely try to do the same in their future. It happens because the things we do, our child adopt the same which leads them to the worst addiction.

Protect and encourage your friends

How? Ask your friends to stop smoking and remove this bad habit from their lives. Help your friends to overcome the difficulties to quit smoking because I know that leaving an addiction is not that easy.

Why? Friends are the important part of our lives. To keep yourself healthy and happy, you have to maintain a good and healthy environment or gathering. We can quit bad habits but cannot leave our friends. To prevent their lives, one of us should have to take a step for the removal of this dangerous and deadly addiction. 

In this article, I’ve tried to give you the top impressive tips because I was one of those addicts and faced all these problems in my life. But, I was able to quit smoking, and I just want to help you all to keep your life happy and healthy.

Hope you liked it!

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